Program #1 – Birthday Party Magic Show

Birthday Show
Birthday Show Older Kids
Family Show
Bunny Balloon Magic Show 2-3yo
Add On's

Kids Birthday Party Magic Show for 4 to 8yo

  • Children Magic Show for kids 4 to 8 years old Birthday Parties
  • 1 hour Magic Show that includes about 45 Minute of Magic + time to pet my Bunny Snowflakes
  • Your Child will be dressed up as a magician and will help me produce Bowtie
  • Lots of fun, memorable interaction, your guests and family will actively participate in the magic show
  • A great finale with a candy production for all the kids and an optional confetti explosion!
  • After the show you can include a Balloon Twisting Session or a Magic Workshop
  • You can also add Magic Party Favors!

Kids Birthday Party Magic Show for older kids 9+yo

  • Children Magic Show for older kids or teens
  • Magic show includes about 45 Minute of Magic Show
  • Includes the celebrated person performance
  • Lots of fun interaction, your guests and family will actively participate in the magic show
  • A great finale with a candy production for all the kids and an optional confetti explosion!
  • This is not a little children show, this is a show for older kids and I guarantee they will have a great and fun time!

Family Shows

  • Interactive Magic and Comedy Show
  • Perfect for Family Meetings, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or any other teens/adult party.
  • I will make you laugh and have a great time while enjoying amazing magic tricks.
  • Up to 90 Minute of Magic
  • Includes the celebrated person performance
  • Lots of fun interaction, your guests and family will actively participate in the magic show
  • This is a show with tricks for both children and adults
Family Party Magician in MA

Bunny-Balloon Magic Show for 2 to 3yo

If you are planning on having a party for newborn to 3 years old, then this is the perfect Show for your party!
  • Special show for the little ones ages 1 to 3 years (or 3 turning 4!)
  • 1 hour Magic Show and Balloons
  • First part is a little Childrens Magic Show for about 20-25 Minutes
  • Includes my Bunny "Bowtie" magical production
  • Lots of animals balloons(*) after the magic show for all the little guests!
  • They will also have time to pet my Bunny Snowflakes
  • And of course a great finale with a candy production for all the kids and an optional confetti explosion!
  • You can also add Magic Party Favors!

"You are still the talking of the party! We have seen lots of magicians but Matias was definitely the best magician we have had! Thank you Matias for a wonderful performance! You are still the talking of the party! Totally recommended. We look forward to having you with us again!"

- Karen S.

"Amazing!, the best magician ever! Matias is a very profesional magician, adulta and children had a very fun time. The show was amazing. Thanks so much"

- Ana Lopez-Parra

"Fantastic! Couldn't have asked for more - arrived on time, very flexible and wowed children and adults alike. It was a last minute decision to hire him and it made our party. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again, but may find it difficult to book him because all our friends who were at the party plan to book him too!"

- Katie Bullivant

"Matias' show was fun, and magical for both the kids and grown-ups. He interacted with the group of 4-yr old boys at my son's birthday party without a skip to his step, and he kept the 4 yr olds on their toes throughout the show. It was just the right amount of time to entertain everyone, and each magic trick was even more amazing. Fun for both children and adults - I highly recommend Matias and would even enjoy having him back to perform next year - hopefully he has new tricks!"

- Alison Lee

"Excellent! Great show! Entertained both the children and the adults that were at the party! Loved the bunny!"

- Melinda guglietta

"Kids were amazed! Magician Matias was our entertainment for our son's First Communion. He did excellent job! Kids loved it! He has amazing communication skills with kids and he made our son's important day very special!"

- Kasia Chojnicki

"Matias did a wonderful job in my son's birthday party. Kids enjoyed the show very much and parents appreciated us for arranging such a wonderful show. I have never seen such a great admiration after a magic show. I would highly recommend Matias. Best wishes and Keep Rocking!!"

- Ashok Vairavan

"The show was booked for my son's 5th birthday party and although the main audience was for 5 and 6 year olds, we had children as old as 13 and parents/grandparents up to 67 years old. EVERYONE loved it. My son loved being his assistent magician and it was nice that Matias had many different children of all ages to be part of the show. He was funny and the magic was excellent. Matias was very professional, unobtrusive while setting up and taking down and interacted perfectly with our little guests! Prior to the show I was getting worried that maybe the little one's wouldn't sit still for and hour and a half... and how in the world would he keep them engaged for that long? Well, not one child or adult walked away from the show... he had them captivated the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Matias to anyone who is looking for great entertainment!"

- Denissa Grace

"Matias was awesome. He confirmed the day before, showed up ahead of time to set up, he engaged the kids and adults alike. Everything I expected and more! He stayed much longer than he and I talked about as we had about 175 guests at the party. The best!"

- Kishore Khandavalli

"Spectacular - A great show for adults and children alike. Mathias communicated clearly the arrangements for the party. His show was really good and kept 20 or so 5 year old and many of the parents entranced for 45 minutes. He did a great job with the balloons. He connected with the children and I believe that one parent will book him for their son's party. I thoroughly recommend him."

- John Maclennan

"We recently invited Magician Matias to a small birthday party for co-workers. Magician Matias was so much fun! His magic was amazing and very entertaining. I liked that his show was very interactive, and I think it was a great way for my co-workers to let loose and enjoy each others' company without talking about work. Magician Matias' show left everyone astonished and laughing for hours! Not only was his show incredible, but he was really, really funny. If you're looking for something different for a gathering instead of the usual pizza and cake, I highly recommend inviting Magician Matias. We had such a great time."

- Lynn Larsen

"Amazing show! Highly recommend! We used Magician Matias for a large fundraising event for our club. His show was great!! He really did an amazing job holding all of the children's interest, especially with such a large group (over 1,100 attendees). There were children there of all ages, and he did a really great job keeping everyone entertained, including the adults too! He did a great job working with the space/venue we used and transformed the space to make it his own. He was extremely responsive and great to work with! Matias has a great personality and is very accommodating and professional. He is really great with children. He stayed for a little bit after so kids could visit with him, which was really nice. I can't say enough good things about Matias and his magic. You can tell that magic is his passion. I would highly recommend Magician Matias for your next event or party!"

- Stephanie Calderone
MOMS Club of Bedford

"Funny, talented kids show! Matias kept our large audience (about 500) captivated with his magic tricks and his funny jokes. Very professional artist who never missed a beat! Adorable rabbit too!"

- Heather Bond
MOMS Club of Bedford

"Matias put on a show for my 6 years old's birthday party and it was wonderful! I was very impressed with the interest and control he had with the 20 kids in my living room :) He helped me create a specific show within my budget constraints for this party and it was much appreciated and well worth the money. A few of the kids asked Matias to create some animals he had never made before and instead of asking them to choose something else, he figured out how to make them! They were all astounding! He had a very positive attitude and i will certainly work with him again!"

- Jennifer Tensen

"Brilliant Presence, Energy, and Talent! Matias performed at the birthday party of my twin 5 year-old boys and 15-20 of their pre-school friends. The kids were mesmerized for the entirety of the 45-minute show. He was engaging, inclusive, funny, and creative. A wonderful experience all around!"

- Jed Lippard

"I took a chance and picked Magician Matias from the Internet without seeing or knowing about his performance. I am so thankful I did. He is the best! From booking the party to performing! Polite, courteous, and kid loving! All the children sat and watched Matias for the whole show! I don't want to give away any of the show events- but the parents were "wowed" just as much as the kids. Our son said that it was the best birthday ever! We were baffled at times by some of the tricks that we needed to be reminded to applaud! I have never seen 5 year old boys sit so still and be so attentive. Matias gave out balloon creations to each child- he would ask the children what they would like- he never said sorry I can't make that- when asked to make a turtle- a guest got a turtle (the first one he ever made and it was perfect!). Thank you for a magical day!"

- Stephanie Haley

"What a GREAT show! We hired Matias for our son's 6th Birthday party and boy what a show! My son and his friends had a GREAT time! His tricks and show had all the parents watching with great anticipation! What was great was that he had my son be Harry "Potter", dressed in black robe, hat and glasses and helped Matias perform a series of tricks. He also had the children in the audience participate in many of the tricks. He even incorporated a SKYLANDERS trick(my son's birthday theme was Skylanders) and it was Great! We would definately recommend Matisas. He will give the kids an amazing show they will be talking about for days after. The Balloon twister was also a big hit, would recommend this too!"

- Gregg Workman

"Matias the Magician was EXCELLENT! He came to our house for my son's 7th birthday party. Matias had the children so engaged and got them involved in the actual show. What a treat! You can tell he loves what he does and is incredibly accomodating. I would recommend Matias to anyone for a party (kid OR adult) or gathering for entertainment. Again, I cannot say enough about what a wonderful show Matias provides. We were truly amazed."

- Heather Clark

"Great show! Matias was very good with all of the little kids. He made them laugh and they were amazed by his magic tricks!"

- Carrie Rose

"Awesome Show! Matias was incrediable!! what a memorable 4th birthday party we had, he kept the kids and adults on their toes! highly recommended. Very accomidating. Awesome with kids and adults as well"

- Jennifer Jilani

"We hired Magician Matias for our 7 y.o. daughter B-Party for what is now a memorable moment. He kept the kids fully entertained, stirred plenty of laughs and involved each of them in one of his tricks. Matias is fun, professional and engaging. The rabbit was a big hit. Highly recommended. Kids were in total awe! Good laughs and Many surprises."

- Sandrine

"Fantastic Addition To My Son's Party! Matias was the perfect addition to my son's 8th birthday party. He thoroughly entertained a group of 15 rambunctious kids, kept their attention and amazed them with his performance. He was also extremely well organized and easy to work with."

- Jay Lewis

"Daughter said it was awesome! Birthday party for my 11 year old daughter and we all had a great time! Magician Matias kept everyone entertained and had fun interactions with the guests. Great reviews from all the adults also. My frugal husband was skeptical before the show, but after the show had nothing but praise."

- Deanna Saif

"Magician Matias was fantastic! Magician Matias was great. This was our first time hiring any professional entertainment for an event at our house (this was our daughter's 7th birthday party). Matias communicated through the whole process. He was very flexible on the day of, starting a little earlier at our request. His show was phenomenal. The kids loved it and he was funny and kept their attention and amazed them throughout. Our daughter was the special helper and she was talking about it for days! Matias is highly recommended!"

- Matt Faucher

"We are happy that we have chosen Matias! The show was fun, interesting and kids were so happy! Our 4 years old son and his friends were so exited after the show! We recommend it to everyone! You would't be disappointed!!! Thank you, Matias! You are REAL Magician =)))"

- Olga Peregudov

"Great Experience with Matias! Matias had a show at my 6 year old's birthday party. He was early- friendly and the kids and grown ups all enjoyed the show. Highly recommend"

- Meenakshi Garodia

"I strongly suggest magician Matias. Magician Matias was able to bring laugh and joy to all the kids AT the party we all enjoyed his show."

- Samira Abdelmegid

"Boston's Best Magician! Matias was awesome! He entertained everyone for my sons first birthday from 1 years old to 68 yrs old - I actually think the adults were more shocked than children and his finale was 'explosive'! Very fun, engaging and entertaining- best magician in Boston by far, I would definitely recommend!"

- Gracie Dorneus

"Wonderful performance, Unforgettable experiences! Matias is a warm and professional magician, who can amazingly manage different field to give you a wonderful performance. He is so friendly to kids, everyone likes him. Kids claims that they want to become magicians when they grow up."

- Donghai Wang

"Magician Matias performed at my son's 11th birthday party at our house last weekend and all the kids (6-13 years old) thoroughly enjoyed the show! The adults did, too! Everyone laughed and was amazed. It was very easy to contact him and set up the party. Having the magic show made a home birthday party easy, memorable, and a ton of fun!"

- Natalie Sheehan

"Magician Matias is amazing! We had him for our sons birthday party. He entertained kids and adults, his show was a great success everybody had a great time. His show has great magic tricks, but you will have lots of fun too. He knows how to entertain the audience. We really wanted something different for my party, and he exceed completely our expectations. He is fantastic for kids and adults!"

- Andrea Lemos

"He's the best magician the kids loves him so did the adult I will sure invite him back to any other celebration I have"

- Souad Eldayaa

"Great performance! Kids had a blast and couldn't stop talking about the show for days. Good job Matias."

- Alex Kogan

"Matias was excellent with the children- they loved him!!! I would definitely recommend him to my friend and family!"

- Lisa Dulong

"Matias did a magic birthday party for our 8 year old son and his friends which included fire, levitation, great comedy and some pretty cool tricks. The kids loved him and so did the parents. He seamlessly entertained and amused everyone from the age of 3 years to 50. I would highly recommend Matias. My only complaint was that I didn't select enough of his programs! Money well spent--he was worth every dime!"

- Jaclyn Kryzak

"Everyone loved Mathias' performance including the older kids (12-17 year olds) and adults. You know it's a great show when everyone talks about it and their favorite parts after it's over. My daughter, the birthday girl was beside herself. She loved it. Some people even sait that it was the highlight of the party. We will definitely use Mathias again...Alain"

- Alain Cortez

"the show was excellent!! the kids had a a great time, it was my daughter first communion and all the guests enjoyed it so much, kids and adults. the only thing was that he started the show 45 min later than agreed , and that made my party go later, but the wait was worth it, although I would have like the show to started on time"

- Monica Carrillo

"My experience working with Matias Letelier was excellent. He did an amazing job entertaining my guests who were at my house for my son's 6th birthday party. The kids were amazed at the talent Matias provided and not only was he a great magician but also an excellent entertainer for the adults. I was extremely pleased with everything and plan to have Matias back for my older son's birthday and plan an adult magic show as well. Thank you for giving my son the best magical birthday he's ever had!!"

- Sharon Tavares

"Magician Matias was great, very entertaining and funny! He kept all my guests from ages 2 to 70 interested and happy for an hour. Will definately use him again. Great accent and professional!?His absolute hit was the levitation of my daughter!! Amazing!!"

- Carolyn Lafauci

"All my guests (kids and adults) loved the show. My daughter said that her party was amazing! Time flew, and the kids wanted more!"

- Assunta de Rienzo

"It was an amazing show. Everybody loved it. Magician Matias made everybody laugh and made my daughter felt very special in her First Communion. I will recommend him for any kind of event. Thanks Magician Matias!!!!"

- Ana Keohane

"I am very satisfied with Matias show for my son's birthday party. He turned my son into a magitian to make his bunny snow flakes to appear.! All of the kids had a great time in the show, even us the adults enjoyed it. Matias is the magitian to get if you are looking for a party entertainner."

- Lilian Flores

"Matias was the perfect addition to our child's birthday celebration. The party was for a bunch of three year olds, so we were a bit concerned that a magic show would be over their heads. Matias tailored things just right. The kids were engaged and thrilled. Thanks for a great show. Also, he arrived early, so that was cool too."

- Michael Paler

"On march 17 we celebrated my daughter Deztieny Sky 2nd b day, Matias entertain all the children by doing some wonderful balloon twisting at the request of all the kids, it was awesome my baby enjoy each creation he did. I would recommend Matias to all my friends and family.Matias u are very charming guy my aunt is still trying to figure out how u took off her watch from her hands... GOOD JOB!!!!!!"

- Janet Nazario

"The magic show by Mr.Letelier was the highlight of our kids birthday party. All the kids n parents enjoyed the show completely. It was pure fun. Thank you."

- Harish Gopalan

"Matias has a clear connection with children. My son and his friends were entranced with him. And he has such a gentle and accommodating manner that he put the parents (who were a bit stressed out with the scope of the party) at ease. His magic was fantastic and he set up and departed easily. We loved him "

- Michelle Hoffmann

"Talented, charming, and funny. The children enjoyed Matias's show but I was just as thrilled that the adults found him to be just as entertaining. I highly recommend Matias without any reservations! "

- Jeesoo Henriques

"Magician Matias is the most talented children's magician I have ever met. He is warm, funny, very empathic and children feel very comfortable in his presence. "

- Dana Costache

"Matias was awesome! Extremely professional, kind, talented and an overall great guy. The set up was awesome as well, I had no idea that there would be a stage type set up with a curtain, he really goes above and beyond what we expected. The kids loved him and most importantly my son had a blast. He stayed longer to make balloons for the kids, never rushed and never complained. I would highly recommend him, and i will definitely use him again. "

- Angelique Nash

"Magician Matias was very responsive to all requests. He communicated with me frequently to ensure that the party would go as planned. Matias had a phenomenal connection to the children at the party, was very professional, respectful and polite. He made sure he got to my home early in order to set up and have the party start on time. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. "

- Eileen Mckenna

"Magician Matias was perfect for my daughter's 4th birthday party! He involved her in the magic tricks and was great with all of the kids. Everyone had a wonderful time! "

- Karen Otterburn

"We had a "carnival" party for my son who is 3. We had a lot of games and prizes, and then we had the magic show. Magician Matias set up a really nice curtain and back drop, and put on a great show! Both children and adults loved it. It was very amusing, creative and amazing! The boys were thrilled with the real bunny that appeared, and we all had a lot of laughs. I especially liked that most of the children were asked to participate in a trick or two. They loved it. Magician Matias puts on a really great show and obviously enjoys what he does. He is great with children! Thank you for a great show! "

- Kelly Hutchinson

"He was great he entertained the children and the adults, I would use him again. "

- Katie Cooper

"Matias' show was a wonderful family experience. Bravo! "

- Monica Sheehan

"Great liked the show "

- Sri Ch

"Fabulous performance, a pleasure to work with, and very flexible. We would recommend Magician Matias without doubt! Kids at the birthday party loved his performance and even adults enjoyed it. I would say that his performance was the highlight of the party. "

- Promod Radhakrishnan

"It was very simple and clear to. Deal with the performer. He would understand my requirement and fullfilled with no hassle. I. Am very happy I choose him. "

- Sarita Nannapaneni

"Great show, great guy. Both the kids and the parents loved the show. "

- Oyvind Bergstrom

"Matias is so taleted and original, also very friendly with kids - they loved him! "

- Malgorzata Pyne

"Matias was absolutely wonderful !! This was my son's 5th birthday party - Matias put up great show not only for kids but adults too . What I loved about Matias was his interaction with kids - very entertaining . I would highly recommend Matias was your next party or any type for kids parties too."

- Reshma Katwa

"Very Impressive!!! Everyone was entertained. He kept all the kids attention the whole time.He came half hour early to set up and was very professional. Absolutely worth every penny. Many parents at the party thought he was sensational!"

- Clare Folan

"Matias is a very good entertainer. My son and all his friends thoroughly enjoyed Matias's magic show and we would very much enjoy having Matias over for another show!"

- Preethi Chandramouli

Add-On # 1 - Child Levitation

Would you like to add more fun to your party? I will have your child suspended in the air! This is a unique and magical experience! Check out the video!


After the Show, Matias can make balloon sculptures for all the children at your party such as:
  • Dog(poodle/longdog/basic)
  • Cat
  • Mouse (long/short tail)
  • Giraffe
  • Dinosaur
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Lyon
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Monkey On Palm
  • tree
  • Princess
  • Wand
  • Flowers
  • Love Birds on Heart
  • Bunny
  • Twister
  • Butterfly
  • Spades
  • Lightsaber
  • Swords
  • Ladybug
  • Fish
  • Bow&arrow
  • Spiderman Hut
  • Batman Hut
  • Frankestein Hut
  • Alien Hut
  • Flower Hut
  • Heart Hut
  • Skull Hut
  • Pirate Hut
  • Snowman Hut
  • Pumpinkman Hut
  • Dracula Hut
  • Mickey Hut
  • Cat Hut
  • Frog Hut
  • Fishing Hut
  • Crown
  • PandaBear
  • Airplane
  • Octopus
  • Cookie
  • Monster
  • Elmo
  • Buzz lightyear
  • And many more!


Add-On # 3 - Magic Workshop

  • Matias will teach your child and his/her friends around 5 easy-to-do tricks.
  • They will work on these tricks for around 30 min.
  • Matias will give the instructions and supply to each kid to take home with them!
  • Workshop includes all the materials for a group up to 15 kids, and then each additional child will be charged $ 7/child.


Add-On # 4 - Goodie Bag / Party Favors

  • Matias offers you this great little book with about 30 tricks that uses Science, Math, Spelling and Psychology.
  • The book was designed with the elementary school child in mind.


Add-On # 5 - Magical Introduction

  • Matias can have the guest of honor appear in a magical way by using one of his greatest illusions


Add-On # 6 - Close-up Magic for the Adults

  • If you are planning to have a party for children but also want to entertain the adults,
    you can add some close-up magic before or after the children’s show.
  • Matias is well known for his exclusive and elegant face-to-face magic
    where he even makes five $1 dollar bills change into $500!
  • This is quick and high impact magic that creates magical moments to enhance that special day even more!


Add-On # 7 - Face Painter Nuria/Andreza/Erin

  • Matias works with the best Face Painter from New England.
  • Nuria, Andreza or Erin will turn your guests’ faces into real pieces of art.


Add-On # 8 - Caricaturist

  • Hire one of our caricaturist who will draw amazing caricatures of your guests!


Add-On # 9 - Photographer/Videographer

  • One of Matias specialized photographers can take amazing photos
    during the show and then give them to you on a nice DVD.


Add-On # 10 - Dj and MC

  • Are you having a large event? Matias Dj will rock the house! He can also be the MC at your event!

If you don't see what you want in the list just let me know and I will do it as a special request

Just let me know what you would like to have and I will create a special package for you!